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We enjoyed the weekly journaling which allowed for great communication between school and home, as well as the open houses and conferences held throughout the year.  We could not have been more pleased with our experience at Gore Range Montessori!

Gore Range Montessori Parent

Tuition and Fees

It is our goal at Gore Range Montessori to run an exceptional early childhood program following the philosophy and curriculum of Maria Montessori.  In order to reach this goal, we feel it is important to have an exceptional staff of teachers, exciting professional development opportunities and a well-prepared environment with beautiful materials for your children. Our tuition and fees directly cover the costs of running our high quality program.  Our school year runs from the beginning of September to the end of July.  Tuition for the school year is divided equally among the 11 months.  Tuition can be paid monthly, quarterly or annually.


Monthly Tuition:



3-Day Program         $860

4-Day Program         $1090

5-Day Program         $1280




Gore Range Montessori offers a tuition discount of 10% for siblings of current students.  This applies to families who have two or more children enrolled in the school at the same time.


            Other fees:


              Application fee (non-refundable)             $30

              Registration fee (non-refundable)            $130

              After School Care                                        $15 per day

              Summer Session fee                                  $15 per Field Trip plus any additional admittance fee

              Late Pick Up fee                                          $15 after 4:30; $15 for each additional 5 minutes

              Late Tuition fee                                            $15 after 7th of month; $30 after 15th of month



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