"Gore Range Montessori helped to shape us as parents and our children as learners."

"The third year program at Gore Range Montessori allowed our children to develop leadership skills and enter kindergarten well prepared both academically and emotionally."

Gore Range Montessori Parent

Gore Range Montessori Parent

Admissions Process

Through our admissions process, we strive to ensure that each family enrolled in our program understands and supports the Montessori philosophy and curriculum. Our goal is to ensure that our school is the right fit for each student and family enrolled.  Gore Range Montessori enrolls new children between the ages of 2.5 and 6 years and who are bathroom independent.  


Step 1: Submit an application and $30 application fee in order for your child to be added to the applicant pool for the appropriate year.


Step 2.  The year before your child will be eligible to enroll, we will contact you to schedule a Parent Observation.  The Parent Observation will allow you to observe in the classroom, without your child, and meet with one of the Directors in order to learn more about our philosophy and curriculum.


Step 3.  Following your Parent Observation, we will contact you to schedule a Child Visit.  This visit will give the teachers a chance to meet your child and get to know him or her.  In addition, this visit will give you the opportunity to see your child in our environment and will allow your child a chance to explore the classroom, meet the teachers and meet the other children with you present.

Step 4.  After your Parent Observation and Child Visit, we will let you know if we have a space to offer your child for the upcoming year.


Step 5.  In order to hold your child’s space, you will be asked to sign an Enrollment Agreement and return it with the non-refundable $130 registration fee.